Treating Strep w/ Essential Oils

Treating Strep Holistically

It started on Christmas Eve, with a house full of family. Red rimmed, droopy eyes, grumpy attitude, a nagging cough and then the fever. After several hours in a germ fog at the Vanderbilt walk-in clinic we had a diagnosis – strep – and an antibiotic – amoxicillin – known amongst my mom friends as the worthless antibiotic. It’s pretty much just a gateway antibiotic to something stronger because it never works.  Ten days later, the strep had infected the entire extended family and we were on antibiotic number two – omnicef.  Another failure. Conversations in the doctor’s office turned to specialists and tonsil surgery and I started to look for possible alternatives to keep my little man from another surgery…he’s already had two and he’s only 7.

We were given a 3rd antibiotic, the strongest of the bunch, and were instructed not to skip it or try natural remedies because strep could damage his heart.   The medicine cost $250 (for the generic) and the doctor gave us lots of warnings about how strong it was and how it would upset his stomach.  We doubled his regular probiotic dose. Half way through it he still had fever and went back to see his doctor during the week.  (We had seen nurse practioners over the weekend the last 2 visits).  I’d been researching essential oils for months and finally decided it was time to give them a try.  We chose DoTERRA because of their extensive third party purity testing.  Our pediatrician was on board as long as we continued the antibiotic (that still hadn’t knocked it out after 5 days).  We started by rubbing OnGuard mixed with a little coconut oil on his throat every 3 hours and having him gargle 1 drop of oregano in water.  Guess what? We finally kicked the strep after 8 weeks, 3 antibiotics, 4 doctor’s visits and about $500.  What did it? The essential oils.

To be fair, we were still using the antibiotic, but it wasn’t working until we added the essential oils.  Since then, we’ve had several more opportunities to test our Family Physicians Kit on various illnesses from stomach bug and croup to indigestion and the common cold.  I’ll share those stories another time, but I will say, they haven’t disappointed yet.

Essential oils have taken over our natural medicine cabinet. What are your favorite natural remedies for common ailments?

Suggestions for Treating Strep with Essential Oils: (Strep throat should be closely monitored by your family doctor so it doesn’t turn into something more serious like rheumatic fever or kidney inflammation.  We use essential oils in conjunction with our doctor’s prescription.)

  • Use 1 drop of OnGuard mixed with a small amount of coconut oil.  Rub on outside of the throat every 3 hours.
  • Mix 1 drop of Oregano with a small amount of water or juice.  Gargle and swallow.  Repeat every 3 hours hours as needed.
  • Oregano can also be applied topically to the throat like the OnGuard or diffused into the air using an oil diffuser.
  • Diffuse OnGuard in your oil diffuser to kill airborne pathogens and help prevent the spread of strep.
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  1. Hanna Lay says:

    Yay for doTerra! How was swallowing the Oregano? I know it’s a pretty potent oil and have never tried ingesting it like that? I have gotten it on my hand without dilluting it with a carrier oil and it caused quite the burning sensation (no actual burn, though). I’m excited to hear about your other Essential Oil stories :)

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