Health Insurance – Not for the healthy?

Can I vent?  I try to stay positive on my blog as much as possible, but today I’m angry…beyond angry.  I’m shocked and frustrated and starting to see why health-care continues to be a a growing disaster in our country.  I’m usually talking about food and education, but today it’s about health insurance.

Our family has always been blessed to have coverage through my husband’s job, although never great. The birth of our oldest son cost us nearly $8K out of pocket and the hospital bills for our second son were close to $5K.  But routine things were generally covered or inexpensive.

Since my husband went on his own last month and started a socially responsible marketing firm, Good Must Grow, we’ve had to seek private health insurance.  Our health has been thoroughly inspected and they’ve found us to be exceptionally healthy (my husband has a better blood panel than 99% of men his age according to his doctor) with no pre-existing conditions.  However, because we allow our children to receive chiropractic care we were told by TRH Health Plans that they would have to adjust our rate to nearly double what it should be making it unaffordable.

Our chiropractor doesn’t accept health insurance and we’ve always paid out of pocket for over 3 years to see her.  But because there is a Tennessee law that TRH can’t place a rider on children preventing us from filing a chiropractic claim they won’t cover our boys without a HUGE mark up.

This is insane to me.  Our family is healthy.  Chiropractic care is a valuable preventative tool and our first choice when any of us are sick, which means we stay out of doctor’s office more often than not, costing ourselves more and our insurance provider less.  But they want to charge us $900 a month for basic coverage.  The craziest part is we’re being penalized for being honest.  We have friends who are insured through TRH who see a chiropractor regularly.  They also have a chronic condition and their rate for the same size family is half of what we were quoted because they didn’t check the chiropractic care box.  Unfortunately, chiropractic care seems so natural to me that I didn’t realize what an issue it would create.

I truly don’t understand. If any self-employed families have a recommendation we’d love to hear it.  I’m at a loss.  I won’t stop seeking chiropractic care, which keeps us healthy, just to get a better health insurance rate.  I’m leaning toward securing catastrophic coverage and just paying cash for necessary services like we do with our chiropractor, but people have warned me that some doctor’s will turn us away.

Wellness is my area of speciality, but I’m totally lost in determining how to protect my family when it comes to sick care.   Can anyone offer some guidance?

Isn’t one of the big insurance problems that more and more healthy people are opting out of the health insurance system leaving it lop sided and struggling to cover the rapidly rising medical expenses of our unhealthy nation?  Maybe they aren’t opting out. Maybe they’re being forced out.

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  1. Hi Calie,
    I live in NY, I lost a great job with excellent healthcare benefits due to company downsizing, my husband is self employed. He barely earns enough to pay our bills but he makes too much for us to qualify for assistance with healthcare costs. We looked into purchasing insurance on our own and we received quotes between $9000 and $15000 a year….just for the two of us…no kids….and we are as healthy as we can be at 50 and 55 years old. The costs are wayyyyyy out of the realm of possibility for us. For now we also rely on our fantastic chiropractor to keep us feeling well and pray that someone will finally wake up and realize that the “middle class” is definitely being forced out of the healthcare system.
    I would also appreciate any and all tips that anyone out there can provide.

  2. Hey,
    I live in Franklin too and my husband is a home builder. When the economy started really affecting the building industry, he went self-employed. We did our research and ended up going with Medishare, the medical sharing group that you hear advertised on Christian radio here. We have 6 kids, eat healthy, use herbal remedies and really never go to the doctor. They do require you to meet health requirements but you and your crew eat better than we do and so I’m sure you wouldn’t have any trouble qualifying. They exist to benefit those of us who take our health seriously and live out healthy habits. We pay $243 a month and when it comes down to it, the benefits are about the same as when we had health insurance – high deductible but hasn’t been necessary for us. Research it and see what you think. It’s worked for us for over 2 years now. You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions about it.

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