It’s Your Right to Know!

Imagine a world where food is made in labs, not by the earth. Imagine a world where what was meant to sustain and support you causes infertility, immune problems, faster aging, faulty insulin regulation, organ changes, allergies, and new/harder to treat diseases. Imagine a world where you have no idea what you’re putting into your body and have no way of finding out. Now realize, we are living in that world.

According to previous Monsanto employee, Kirk Azevedo, around 90% of soybeans and 85% of our corn and cotton (which is then fed to the livestock we also consume) are genetically engineered. The process of genetic engineering itself causes mutations in hundreds or thousands of places throughout the plant’s DNA making the effects completely unpredictable and hard-to-detect.

Now you may be wondering how genetically modified products can be so bad and yet the FDA has not made it mandatory to label such a potential health threat. The reason? Members of biotech companies like Monsanto work in the government and work for the FDA; they use their power and money to keep the truth from the greater population.

So how can we fight against so much power and money? Rely on the strength in numbers and vote yes on Prop 37 which will require all genetically modified foods to be labeled.

Voting yes on Prop 37 AKA The Right to Know, not only will give us back our choice, it will help give us back our health, our knowledge, and even our power to change the way food is handled before it ever reaches the market shelves.

Think about this: if we are able to pass this initiative in California, it will be easier to pass everywhere else. If we are able to pass it everywhere else, it will make every grocery visit an opportunity to vote against genetically modified foods. We finally will have the opportunity to say as a state and hopefully as a nation, that we are not willing to support the further destruction and manipulation of our food supply.

This is our chance, make it count and spread the word. Tweet #Yeson37 and #LabelGMOs, update your Facebook status with information you learned here, tell your friends and family, do whatever you can to get the word out. We have the right to know.


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