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Last week I was part of a group of Nashville bloggers who got together with the folks from Hallmark to chat about the little things that make life worth celebrating.  The

Photo by Kevin Cozad, Hallmark cards.

 event was part of their Moments Between the Milestones tour and it was fabulous. 

One of my favorite moments of the day was sitting down with the Hallmark writers to participate in a creative writing exercise.  I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it with you along with directions to try it yourself or with your family. 

The exercise was called “I Come From” and the idea was to write a series of sentences that start with the phrase “I come from…” and describe the places, people, smells, foods, and experiences that define who you are and where you came from.  I got about 8 sentences in before we ran out of time, but enjoyed it so much I decided to keep going and share it here. 

I come from Cleveland and snowstorms in April

I come from Sunday dinners at Grandmas for twenty

I come from curse words disguised in Italian

I come from an apartment above a pizza restaurant, banging pans and the smell of garlic and basil

I come from tomato stained aprons and flour hand prints and making pizzas dough at five

I come from separate homes for Mom and Dad

I come from nuns and plaid catholic school uniforms

I come from leaving the house when the sun came up and riding bikes until the sun went down

I come from cordless phones with giant antennas and passing handwritten notes in class

I come from Jem, Madonna and Girls Just Want To Have Fun movie marathons

I come from shaving cream and egg fights on Halloween and caroling around the neighborhood at Christmas

I come from crew on a river that burned

I come from weekend regattas and carb loading on pasta and bagels

I come from lactic acid workouts and learning the meaning of synergy

I come from a campus of red brick buildings and bright green quads littered with khakis, baseball caps and flip flops

I come from a love of the written word to a love of writing words

If you decide to write your own I’d love to read it.  The best part about this exercise was listening to what everyone came up with.  It was like hours worth of conversation in just a few minutes.  I hope you give it a try and share it with someone.

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  1. calie –

    we recently received attendee feedback/links for the LIASO Tour, which wrapped up in DC last week. thanks for posting your “I Come From” and encouraging others to tool around with their own! i like the way you described it . . . it really does give readers a deeper peek into the writer’s collective experiences. i had an absolute blast in Nashville and wish we could’ve stayed longer! take care!

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