Getting Fit for the Summer!

There’s nothing like swimsuit shopping to inspire me to amp up my workout routine.  I went a few weeks ago, in preparation for our beach trip, and I came home ready to

Suzanne Bowen, BarreAmped Creator & Master Trainer

 recommit to more regular workouts. 

But there was one problem.  It wasn’t lack of desire that had kept me from working out.  It was circumstances. The 95 degree heat makes just about any outdoor exercise unbearable.  Even long walks with the kids are tough in heat like that.  We have a great gym, but I’m not a fan of the nursery for the kids so I was averaging about one workout a week.  I have lots of workout videos that I love and I do them, when I have a free hour, but how often do I have a free hour now that the kids are home all day ever day?  I was left with the question, how do I make working out work for me?

I’m happy to report…I’ve found a way thanks to technology.  Below are three resources I’m using to fit working out into my busy schedule.  In just a few weeks, I’ve noticed a difference in my strength (and my swimsuit confidence). 

BarreAmped Online Workouts:  Suzanne Bowen, fitness DVD star and creator of Barre Amped, offers a weekly workout that pulls the most effective moves from her intense, body-shaping studio classes and combines them into a series of workouts that run approximately 15 minutes or less.  You choose the area of focus and the amount of time you want to spend.  Focus on one specific area with a workout like bikini butt or get in a full body workout by combining routines.  I’ve never done a Suzanne Bowen routine that didn’t make my muscles shake.  I love that because she always says when the muscles are shaking, that’s when they’re changing.  If you have a computer, an iPad, and Internet access you can make these short, incredibly effective workouts work for you.  I’ve loved them!

Tone It Up:  Karena and Katrina offered a series of workout videos, challenges and tips to help women get swimsuit ready.  Thousands of women participated via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and their stories of success in their pursuit of health are inspiring.  The series is organized on their website and available to download for free.  It includes all of the challenges with instructions on how to complete them, access to printable workouts and free YouTube workout videos.  If you’re looking for a full program you can follow, this is a great option.  Grab a friend (accountability always helps me) and check out their 8 week bikini series.  (I haven’t done the series all the way through, but I’ve enjoyed the workout videos, which are generally less than 10 minutes.  I like to keep them open on my lap top so I can squeeze in a quick ab or tank top arm series when the boys are occupied.  A little bit here and there really adds up!)

Women’s Health Magazine iPhone App:  I love this app because it means I always have access to an efficient, fat-burning workout as long as I have my phone.  I’ve used at the gym to guide me through a quick workout when I don’t have time for a class, I’ve used it on vacation and I’ve even used it in my living room.  There are over 120 exercises that you can mix and match to target trouble areas or fit into your available time.  The photos make the exercises easy to imitate and the app tracks your progress for you.  It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket. 

For me, getting fit for the summer is all about thinking outside the gym.  I need workouts that I can do at home, when 20 minutes suddenly opens up in my schedule.  Most important, I need them to be effective or I won’t be motivated to keep going.  BarreAmped, Tone It Up and Women’s Health Magazine have given me three great options that meet those needs. 

How are you keeping fit this summer?

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  1. I LOVE Suzanne Bowen’s workouts! Have you been to one of her classes? I bought her new Gorgeous Core DVD and ripped it to my iPod so I can work out while I’m traveling. Can’t wait to get back to classes though. I’ve never felt more fit than I have working out with her.

    • broccolicupcake says:

      Yes! Love her classes & her DVDs. That’s a great way to stay in shape while traveling. Enjoy the rest of your trip. It sounds amazing!

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