Nintendo Enthused: What I learned in Seattle

I think I’ve always been Nintendo Enthused even before the official hashtag that came with the role of brand ambassador.  But my recent trip to Seattle really

Getting my first look at the Nintendo 3DS

reinforced my decision to take on that role.  After everything I saw and learned, here are the top 5 reasons I’m proud to be a Nintendo Brand Ambassador.

1.  They’re health conscious – I came to be a brand ambassador for Nintendo last fall when they partnered with the American Heart Association to promote physically active play as part of a healthy lifestyle.  The joint website, Active Play Now, is filled with great information to inform and empower people to get moving.  In Seattle, I learned they’re commitment to health extends beyond their games or partnerships.  The new Nintendo headquarters were awareded LEED Gold status, which means it’s among the nation’s top rated buildings for sustainability and environmental friendliness. My favorite feature was the “living roof”, which I didn’t get to spend any time on thanks to the rain, but it was still beautiful and a cool concept.   The cafeteria was packed with healthy choices and every meal they served included a variety of healthy options.

2.  They know how to have fun- The games are obviously a lot of fun.  The classics, like Super Mario Brothers, are just as much fun as they were in the sixth grade, but they continue to find exciting ways to update them and make them relevant so my kids love today’s Super Mario Brothers collection  just as much as I loved the original.  Just Dance was a hilarious and healthy source of entertainment on a recent girls weekend.  My boys bond over Lego Star Wars and Wii sports has been great for family fun nights!  The trip was no different.  Packed with fun games, fun activities and fun people!

3.  The games and systems support social interaction- Street Pass is probably one of my favorite features on the new Nintendo 3DS.  When you put your system in sleep mode, it continuously searches for the signal of other 3DS players and allows an exchange of information (if you enable it to do so) as you pass by each other.  This allows you to connect with other players and unlock bonus content.  I like the jigsaw puzzle where you collect pieces from other players, but my husband prefers the Super Street Fighter IV battles.  You can battle other players without opening the device using the Street Pass feature.  My other favorite way to interact is playing Mario Sports Mix for the Wii.  Did you know you can exchange friend codes and play against your friends across the country?  My husband and I got our tails kicked by Ally (@allybspeakin) and Mike (@rhymeswithmilk), but it he swears that if he played them again with our 5 yr. old as his teammate they would win.  He’s probably right!

4.  They care about their employees – The average Nintendo employee has been working for the company for 10 years.  I think that’s a pretty impressive retention rate by today’s standards and it’s just one of many things I saw or heard in Seattle that left me thinking “if i could work for a company like this I might go back to work full-time.” 

5.  They work with awesome people- I truly enjoyed meeting and hanging out with @JustineMeek of Brand About Town, @userealbutter, @allthingsfadra, @missbritt, @suerodman and of course the other members of the Denver 5 @babybloomr, @blondemomblog, @carriefweir, @suburbanturmoil.

I should probably close with my thoughts on the Nintendo 3DS since that was the main reason for our trip.  To sum it up in a few words…way cool!  I was seriously impressed.  I’ve already mentioned a few of my favorite features above, but I should also mention that I thought the graphics and colors were better than our TV.  I liked being able to adjust the level of 3D or even turn it off.  I get motion sick pretty easily so I can only handle my 3D in small doses.  Plus, the parental controls give me the ability to share it with my entire family even though my boys are too young for the 3D feature.  Overall, loved it!

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