Makeover Monday: Alternatives to White & Wheat Flours

White flour has gotten a bad reputation for good reason.  It’s void of fiber, helpful nutrients and antioxidants and it’s known to spike our blood sugar leaving us feeling

buckwheat pancakes with dark chocolate chips

 hungry rather than full.  Whole wheat and whole grains have become popular alternatives, but they aren’t the only alternatives.  Adding a few of the flours listed below to your pantry line up can help take flour heavy recipe from heavy to healthy, while adding flavor and nutrients.  Some of my favorites include:

Coconut Flour – It’s gluten-free and higher in protein and dietary fiber than just about any other flour.  Because of the sweet coconut flavor it’s a great addition to cookies and cakes, but you can also use it to bread meats or thicken soups. 

Buckwheat Flour – Another gluten-free option, buckwheat is high in fiber and contains all eight essential amino acids.  It’s rich in B vitamins and has a strong distinct flavor so it’s not a flour you can sneak into meals.  We enjoy it in pancakes sweetened with cinnamon and applesauce or as a biscuit with homemade apple butter.  It also mixes well with whole wheat flour for breads.

Almond Flour – Almond flour is high in protein, low in carbohydrates and low in sugar.  This flour is the most flavorful of all the options (in my opinion) and it’s known to be a great gluten-free alternative.  You’ll find it in a lot of gluten free cake recipes, but I also love using almond flour to bread things like chicken and green beans.  Have you tried green beans coated in almond flour and cooked in coconut oil?  Yum!  Check out Elana’s Pantry for some amazing almond flour recipes.

Expanding beyond white and wheat flour can be expensive and requires some level of trial and error so don’t feel pressure to make the change over night.  Choose one flour that sounds good to you and trying substituting it into a few key recipes.  Once you get the hang of it, try adding another.  Look for your favorite new flours online and buy them in bulk.  It’s a lot more affordable than buying them from the local grocery store.

What’s your favorite recipe using a flour other than white or wheat?

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